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Getting the most out of R&D deduction

Slovakia is seen as a favourable location when it comes to obtaining financial support. The country’s legislation offers several business incentives. For a company, it is, however, difficult to get an overview of the numerous grants and subsidies.

Our experts know their way around this jungle and can quickly identify subsidies, which are appropriate for you and your business, without red tape – regardless of whether you are seeking funding for an investment, R&D, or a growth project. We support you through the whole process, from the application or preparation of project to actual payment. And you can be certain that you are making full use of all the grants and subsidies available to your company.

Our services

  • Identification of possible financial support including calculation of savings
  • Support with respect to regional investment aid
  • Support on EU funds
  • R&D super deduction
  • Patent Box
  • Assistance in the application process or project preparation
  • Assessment of the eligibility for subsidy or grant
  • Timely preparation of documentation
  • Defence in audits
  • Support with the analysis of subsequent corrective options and procedural aspects


Doing Business in Slovakia

  • Roman Ponc
    Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
  • Miroslava Vojteková
    Tax Advisor | Director
  • Peter Szabó
    Auditor | Director
  • Martin Michalides
    Tax Manager
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